Rentz And Events Rentals

Photo Booths

Open Air Photo Booth it is the ANY-where booth!  Can be outside or inside.  Has a great flexibility to accommodate larger numbers of your guests in one shot adds the fun and brings the whole group into the action!  So many add-ons make the experience even more memorable- personalized scrap books, personalize magnets, Green Screen, Specialty props and more…….

Specialty Glassware

Modern Look and feel for your martini cocktails. These unique Z stem adds more to each cocktail,
12 ounce size offering a unique and fun approach to your parties serving glasses.


Highball Glass, great for mixed cocktails 12 ounce size has a classy elegant feel and easy hold size for your guests.

Martini Glasses

Martini glasses available to serve up amazing drinks at your event. These classic Martini glasses will ensure that your various drinks are covered classically.

Wooden Padded Chairs

Great to add for additional seating for  any event, white wooden chairs with a padded seat. These chairs are great for events of all types including outdoor wedding ceremonies. 

6' Round Table

Round Banquet Tables 60” wide great for tight spaces and can seat up to 10 people keeping your guests seating together.

Wine Glasses

9 ounce Standard Wine Glass can accommodate both Red and White wine services. Long stemmed  wine glasses are available anytime.

High boy Cabaret Tables

High boy- Cabaret Tables add a cocktail space for guests in a standing cocktail area, great to add drama and table convenience for your guests to set a drink or appetizer on and enjoy the event.

6' Banquet Table

Banquet Tables 6’-8’ Sizes to accommodate any seating configuration needed for your events space.

Ice & Water

Ice and water services available for your next event. An essential component to any party/event, we have you covered.

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